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The existence of Florina beginning at least from 10,000 BC

The existence of Florina beginning at least from 10,000 BC NORTH of the mountain (eg Kaimaktsalan),
where he lived the god of wind VOREAS, while the valley Sklithro-Lechovo was from the fall of blood to the period of conflict gods - the Titans.


The Community Nymphaeum has 244 residents and 600-some Nymfaiotes who reside there only on weekends. Occupies an area of 28,000 acres of forest and grassland. The Community is located at an altitude of 1350 meters on Mount Vitsi and is not visible until after the last turn of the paved mountain road. It is a pleasant surprise for the most updated traveler in a landscape of unparalleled natural beauty, where the white winter lasts about five months and gives its place to a stunning switch time. The current occupations of the inhabitants are mainly rural tourism and farming. The employment of qualified people in previous centuries was the goldsmith. Here eplathan the gold and particularly silver and scatter in all



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Edessa waterfalls

edessa waterfalls in florinaphotos site Edessa is very close to Florina CITY thats why a shoot some pictures from there εδω ειναι οι καταρακτες τησ Εδεσσας η Εδεσσα ειιναι κοντα στην Φλωρινα γιαυτο και εχω τραβηξει αρκετες φωτογραφιεσ απο εκει !!!

Edessa again with this beautiful part in waterfalls!!!

obama nobel peace prize

I read about this in some blog and in newspaper
Bravo Obama about this:

"president Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize Friday morning for what the committee called “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples,” especially his work to reach out to the Muslim world and to eliminate nuclear weapons around the globe.

The announcement, less than nine months after Obama took office, sparked immediate questions from reporters in Oslo about whether the Nobel committee was acting prematurely in rewarding a world leader who has outlined a lofty and ambitious agenda but has not yet made many concrete steps toward realizing it.

But Thorbjoern Jagland, chairman of the five-member Nobel committee, said “we have not given the prize for what may happen in the future. We are awarding Obama for what he has done in the past year. And we are hoping this may contribute a little bit for what he is trying to do.”